Program online and Registration is officially open

2016-09-06 by WCPC2016

Programme online and Registration is officially open for the 1st World Community Power Conference in Fukushima!

Fukushima/Tokyo/Bonn, 6 September 2016—The Executive Committee of the 1st World Community Power Conference (WCPC2016) announced today that the programme of the event is now online and the registration is open. The announcement took place during a press conference in Fukushima, Japan, where a catastrophic nuclear disaster devastated local communities in 2011. This conference is the first of its kind in terms of its scope covering all the areas of renewable energy worldwide. The predecessor of the conference is a series of meetings, started in 2008 in Ontario, Canada, organized by the Community Power Working Group of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) as special topic World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC).

At this unforgettable place, Fukushima, the conference will gather 300 delegates, amongst them more than 40 dedicated, experienced speakers who are experts/practitioners in community power from communities, non-governmental organizations, governments, research institutes and enterprises. These experts from over 20 countries will share their experiences to formulate a future strategy to strengthen community power worldwide.

Co-chair of the executive committee for the conference, Mr. Tetsunari Iida, Founder of the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) said, “Sadly enough, in Japan, renewable energy and community power boomed only after we experienced March 11th disaster and we have still a long way to go.”

Co-chair, Mr. Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General of WWEA said, “Globally, community Power is a key to promote renewable energy. WCPC in Fukushima has strategic importance for the global community power sector as we are planning to gather leading experts and to refine elements of a Global Community Power Strategy that were identified at a previous meeting into a Fukushima Community Power Declaration.”

The WCPC programme is now available at:

Registration for the WCPC is free, however, the maximum number of participants is limited to 300, so visit the conference web site at today.

The conference also provides a field trip to significant locations in Fukushima for a modest fee – please find more information at


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1st World Community Power Conference in Fukushima “One year after Paris – five years after Fukushima: Community power for a renewable future!” | 3-4 November 2016 in Fukushima, Japan