Day 1

16:30 | Meeting Room A
Side Event

Fukushima Youth Conference on Renewable Energy

Hosted by Earth Wakers
Sponsored by Fukushima Renewable Future Fund

In this side event, the youth in Fukushima will think and learn about future of energy and deepen exchanges with the participants of the 1st World Community Power Conference. The youth will talk about the situation of Fukushima after the earthquake disaster, and we will think about the future renewable energy activities in Fukushima that set 100% renewable energy target after the nuclear disaster.

Panelist 1st

Germany Steinber high school Students of Japanese

  • Judith Sophie Mende
  • Moira Ridder
  • Deniz Berliner

Panelist 2nd

High school students and interns from the program “Think of New Energy from Fukushima: Part 2” by YWCA Japan

Panelist 3rd

  • NGO Earth Wakers
  • Miyu Fujita
  • Eishun Mori
  • Mao Osaki
  • Yumeka Kato
  • Nana Chisaka
  • Miyabi Saito
  • Miku Tsukano
  • Rinka Sakai
  • Izumi Sasaki