Day 1

16:30 | Main Hall

2-A. Good & Next Practice for 100% RE Regions & Islands

The session aims to discuss good and next practice for 100% renewable energy and islands. “100% renewable energy” is not just a slogan, it is already real in some communities and such experience and effors will be presented.


Søren Hermansen (Samsø Energy Academy)

Minoru Kobayashi (Iitate Electric Power)

Tohru Suzuki (Hokkaido Green Fund)

Akihiro Hara (Ohisama Shimpo Energy)

Taryn Lane (Embark)

Robert Snyder (Island Institute)

Emillia Noordhoek (Sustainable Molokai)

Shalanda H. Baker (University of Hawai)

Jan Dobertin (Landesverband Erneuerbare Energien NRW)

Presentation Slides