Day 1

14:00 | Room 401

1-B. Energy Cooperative and Community Power

The session aims to discuss the role of energy cooperative and community power in the energy transition. Various national and local contexts of the formation of energy cooperative and different models of community power will be presented and discussed.


Shota Furuya (Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies)

Noriko Hattori (Shizuoka Mirai Energy)

Ryoichi Gohara (Renewable Energy Shinshu-net)

Preben Maegaard (Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy)

Tore Wizelius (Wind4shore)

Monica Oliphant (Monica Oliphant Research)

Carlo Schick (Freiburg University/WWEA)

Bernd Riehl (Energiegenossenschaft Erfurtshausen)

Presentation Slides