Date and Time: 4th November, 2016. 13:00 – 18:00
Departure Place: Corasse Fukushima
Transportation: Chartered Bus
Fee: ¥ 8,500(incl. lunch)


1. Departure

13:00 | Corasse Fukushima


2. Iitate Electric Power

14:10 | Iitate Village Itamizawa PV


Affected by Fukushima nuclear disaster, Iitate village suffered from whole village evacuation, job loss, broken home, destruction of agricultural land due to the decontamination and reputational damage. And through more than 5 years of whole village evacuation, the decontaminated agricultural land and ruined idle land prevented returning farmers to resume agriculture. In such a situation, the people of Iitate village stood up and established Iitate Electric Power company for renewable energy project and they constructed solar PV plants. Iitate Electric Power has worked on village’s revitalization and job creation in cooperation with the farmers who resume agriculture hybridizing with solar PV above the agricultural land which is so called “solar sharing”.

3. Genki Up Tsuchiyu

16:00 | Binary Geothermal & Small Hydro


After the nuclear disaster, Tsuchiyu hot spring suffered from sharp decrease of tourists and some of the hotels gave up business. However, they incorporated renewable energy into reconstruction plan for the hot spring area, and worked on binary geothermal power with good and high templeture and pressure water, and small hydro with rich spring water and erosion control dam. Tsuchiyu hot spring connects renewable energy and tourism for the revitalization of the community and job creation.

4. Break Up

18:00 | Fukushima Station